Interview in Old Trafford.

Deniz Türüç Free kick against Man United

We knew it would be a tough match. We are you’re playing against Manchester United in Old Trafford. Winning the first game also brought us some difficulties. They saw this match as a revenge of the first match. We are sorry for the loss, but our performance in the second half gave us hope for future.

Interview with Deniz Turuc

Deniz Türüç Friendly Match with National Team

Playing in the Champions League is a dream come true for me. I was dreaming about it when I was a little kid. Playing for the Turkish National Team was also one of my dream and when I heard the Turkish National Anthem, my heart still pounded. These are high achieving goals for a football player.

Fenerbahce transferred 18 players during transfer season. When I talked to Okan Buruk, he gave me confidence. He saw what was inside of me. Please note that I signed to the last champion of the Turkish League and I got the chance to play in the Champions League.

After the Manchester United game, Ajax Coach Ten Hag called me and congratulated me. I have good communication with him. He is like a father to me. I also spoke to Donny Van de Beek, asking what I think of the match. I wish him good luck too.

I want to have a good season, and I want to play in the European Championship with Turkish national team. I will look at my options later. I have a contract with Fenerbahce. I can return to Fenerbahce, I can be loaned again or sent to another team. We will see what will happen. At least I want to fight and show myself.

Turkey vs Crotia Game

A new team, a new atmosphere … I thank Okan Buruk and my president from here. By working hard, trusting my abilities, my performance increasing day by day. I hope it would be better.

We were getting along well with Caner in Fenerbahce. When he got the ball, he knew that I would run behind the defence. Cenk also has a big share, when defence players was trying to control him, I had chance to score. It was a nice goal. It was a nice friendly match for getting ready for future matches. Now its time to concentrate on important matches ahead.

Deniz Turuc Croatia Friendly Game
Deniz Turuc Croatia Friendly Game
Deniz Turuc Croatia Game
Deniz Turuc Croatia match

National Team

Milli Takım Kadrosu

I am glad to be back at the national team. We will do our best to make our nation happy by getting great results in the next 3 matches. The first training will start on the 9th of November at Riva.